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Welcome to Sykes Research Consulting
I am a passionate consumer/ shopper insights researcher with agency, client and supplier side experience across a variety of disciplines, categories and target markets. My professional experience as a moderator/ researcher and strategic planner working with Fortune 500 companies has afforded me the opportunity to interact with, and understand the needs of, the many stakeholders in the development and marketing of products and services. My experience within and my familiarity with the marketing process allows me to see the "big picture".  I provide added value by not only designing research that successfully addresses specific project objectives, but by also being adept at recognizing, and exploring as appropriate, opportunities for additional insights that may benefit other stakeholders as they arise during the research process. As well, as a former insights director responsible for procurement of research vendors/moderators myself, I understand the needs of clients in the consumer insights arena and work diligently to provide the support you need, where you need it.
I can manage your qualitative market research projects from start to finish, from design and implementation (screener, recruitment, discussion guide, moderating) through to analysis, report writing and presentation.  I also offer strategic consultation beyond fieldwork and quantitative questionnaire design consultation.
For additional information or a project bid, please contact Paula Sykes at:
phone 312.752.0833

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